7 Ways to Remove Snow and Ice From Your Deck! 

1. Use a Broom  If you had light snow, you should be able to remove it with the broom. The soft bristles will remove the snow gently without scratching your deck. It also won't remove nails and screws from the deck!  2. Shovel  If you had heavy snow, you should use a...

How to Clean Gutters, The 5 Best Ways!

Fall is here again, and it's time to clean the gutters! During other seasons, it is easier to maintain the gutter because you have to watch debris and dirt, but during fall, you have to take better care because the leave is falling! There are five main...

6 Ways to Decorate Your Windows

6 Ways to Decorate Your Windows

Windows in your home provide a way for natural light to illuminate your home. Beyond that, windows are also often used to add to the design of your home. Once you install your windows you may decide to add shutters or blinds for privacy, but you could also...

5 Simple Ways To “Deck Out” Your Deck

    Does your deck or patio look drabby? I’m sure you recently walked back there, shaking your head, as you noticed that the cold season did a number on the area, making it look nothing like a place you would want to relax in. Rest assured, you can spice up...

4 Things To Revive Your Outdoor Spaces For The Warm Season

Spring is here! After a long winter’s sleep, it’s time to wake up your outdoor spaces to make way for your future warm-weather entertainment. As you walk outside and observe your spaces, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the mess winter created, but with...

5 Updates That Will Give Your Home A Facelift This Spring

Spring is just around the corner! Winter can be brutal on your home’s exterior and, naturally, everyone starts to think of ways to freshen up their home’s appearance with the coming season. Updating your home can be simple and doesn’t need to cost a lot of...

How To Get Your Front Porch Ready for Fall

Fall is officially here! That means it's time for Halloween, Thanksgiving and that means beautiful fall decor! If you need some inspiration for your exterior fall decor, check out these fun ideas!Pumpkins, pumpkins, pumpkins!If you have a front porch or a...

How to Blend Indoor and Outdoor Living

Summer is in full swing, and that means you are spending more time outside! More than ever, people want to enjoy one fluid space that blends indoor and outdoor living. Not only does it maximize your living space, but it makes it easier to grab a drink and...

3 Ways Ken Shadle Can Update Your Home Exteriors

Expect nothing but the best for your home. We at Ken Shadle ensure you just that! Ramp up the curb appeal of your home exteriors with a quality touch. Quality products and services have the potential to add new elegance and unprecedented durability to your...

Gardening To Improve Curb Appeal

Gardening can be a fun hobby to relax your mind and keeps your yard beautiful! The perfect garden can provide the best curb appeal. There are many options to make a garden work in small spaces! It might be too cold now to get out there and start digging,...

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