Summer is in full swing, and that means you are spending more time outside! More than ever, people want to enjoy one fluid space that blends indoor and outdoor living. Not only does it maximize your living space, but it makes it easier to grab a drink and still enjoy the beautiful weather. Make your outdoor and indoor spaces feel like one large space with these helpful tips!

Keep entertainment areas side by side

The best way to make the space feel like one is by having them next to each other and easily accessible. If you can have your outdoor space right off your living or dining room, it will be easier to entertain and be a part of the party no matter where you are!

Blend the furnishings

If you can use complementary colors and furniture, you can make the space feel like one large entertaining area. Keep it all one style and use pieces that work well together!

Don’t block your view

If you create a patio off your home, make sure you can still see the best part of your yard or the surrounding scenery. You want to be able to look out from your living room and see a beautiful space unobstructed by pillars or other building materials.

These simple steps can help you create the perfect entertaining space that flows both inside and out! What better way is there to enjoy the fun family time in the beautiful summer weather!