Gardening can be a fun hobby to relax your mind and keeps your yard beautiful! The perfect garden can provide the best curb appeal. There are many options to make a garden work in small spaces! It might be too cold now to get out there and start digging, but you can plan now for your spring garden!

Hanging Planters

You can try hanging planters to get things off the ground and leave room for the bigger plants and flowers. These hanging planters are perfect decorations too!

Use Window space

Planter window boxes are the perfect spot for smaller flowers with shorter roots. Put bright, happy flowers there and make people smile every time they walk by.

You can also use the space underneath your windows! Grow a mini meadow with beautiful annuals and perennials. These flowers can help control the weeds and keep them pretty for a long time!

Go vertical

You might not have the ground space for a large garden, but that doesn’t mean you can’t go up! Use a pergola and put boxes on top of each other to create a visually appealing spot!

Maximize your space

Try using one flowerbed for several different plants. You can use similar plants, so they complement and help each other grow! You can save space and make your small space-efficient!

If you want to make your backyard perfect, let us help with your DIY projects! We can help with siding, deck, fencing, and more!