Proper drainage to manage flood and rainwater is necessary for a cleaner landscape, to avoid standing water and ensure rain finds a route away from the building. Since ancient times, effective drainage systems have manifested themselves as a mark of modern civilizations for centuries. At Ken Shadle Aluminium products, we fix damaged drainage systems and rain gutters to solidify your home’s foundation. Find out if your rain gutters need to be replaced, and if that be the case, our team is always at your service.

Here are 8 signs that you should look for when inspecting your rain gutters for replacement:

1. Chipping, cracking or rusting

Water is a force of nature that can eventually wear out even the toughest materials, including metal and rock. A single crack can be worsened and made much worse by continuous water flow and, over time, creating bigger leaks, causing water to damage your home’s exteriors and foundation.

2. Broken gutter links

Gutters are effective only until they remain connected to one another, to ensure that the flow of water reaches the desired location. If your gutters are frequently found separated, or the links are broken due to excessive wear and tear, then it may be time to upgrade to a sturdier rainwater drainage system.

3. Broken fasteners

A sure sign of your gutters requiring a closer look is when you see your gutter pulling away from the house border, creating a gap that allows water to reach down the house front, back, or sides. If repeated fastening has not solved the problem, your gutter system is too old to be repaired and may need replacement.

4. Water and moss buildup

When your rainwater drainage is not functioning properly, the result is easy to identify as standing water around your home, resulting in a buildup of slippery moss. This can easily lead to more expensive home repairs if the gutter problem is not resolved.

5. Damage around or below the gutter

If your gutter system is failing, there will be tell-tale signs all alongside your property, where the gutter runs. Look for signs of water damage and pooling and call the professionals to secure your rain gutter.

6. Damaged paintwork

If you see signs of peeling paint around the exterior of your home, it could mean that the gutter has separated from the building, and the water is running down exterior walls, chipping, and peeling paint.

7. Signs of seepage in the basement

Water seepage may work slowly, but it works undoubtedly. Over time, you may begin to see spots of water damage on your lower floors interior walls, like basement ceilings, which are a sign that your rain gutter is malfunctioning.

8. Heavy weather damage

In storms and heavy rainfall, flying debris and storing winds may rip apart flimsily attached gutters. Keep an eye out, especially after a massive storm to ensure that your gutter is still standing.

In case you find any trouble with your rain drainage system, feel free to call our experts at 717-264-9598, we are always there to help you fix your problem.