There is more to getting a fence than selecting a type, picking your preferred color, making sure it fits your budget and giving the go-ahead for its installation. More often than not, you will be sharing your property line with someone else. This also means that you will also be sharing your fence with them to a great extent. This makes following proper fence etiquette imperative.

Before getting a new fence installed or your existing fence repaired, you must consider your neighbors. Irrespective of how many fence sides you’re sharing with your neighbors, you should be respectful and make your fence installation decision a positive one for all parties involved.

You can avoid any fence disputes by following the below-listed fence etiquette-

● Define Your Property Lines
You probably have a good idea about your property lines and where they begin as well as end. However, before getting a fence installed, you should double-check it. Legally, you are only allowed to put up a fence on the property that belongs to you. Going over even an inch may put you at the risk of having to tear down your fence completely. Check your home’s plot or blueprint for boundary lines. You can also go to your county’s records office for the same.

● Discuss Your Fencing Plans With Your Neighbors
Despite being sure about your fence being within your property boundaries, it does not harm talking to your neighbors in advance and letting them know of your plans. Doing so is not only common courtesy but can also prevent you from facing any future troubles, legal or otherwise. A small heads-up about your fencing plans can go a long way in saving you from any disputes. Additionally, if your neighbor was also planning on putting up a fence, you can split the cost and make it a win-win situation!

● Adhere To HOA Regulations
If you belong to a Homeowners Association (HOA), it is best to keep yourself abreast of all its rules in depth and follow them diligently. Fencing companies are not always privy to your unique HOA rules and regulations, and cannot be held responsible for not following them. Ensure that you follow the fencing rules that your HOA demands and save yourself from future community fights.

● Give The “Good Fence” Side To Your Neighbors
Some fences may have a finished or a good side to them that looks smoother and more polished. If you also have a similar fence, make sure that the finished side faces your neighbor. Not only is this polite, but it is also the standard. Your property looks better with the finished side facing outwards. If you’d rather have the finished side facing your property, you can get a fence with identical sides installed. Such fences are often called “good neighbor fences.”

Maintain your fence all-year-round to ensure that it adds to your home’s curb appeal and that it’s ill-maintenance does not lead to any disputes between you and your neighbors. Call the experts at Ken Shadle Aluminum Products Inc. to install new fences or repair existing ones. A family-owned and operated business since 1958, we are well-equipped to take care of all your fencing needs. Call us at 717-264-9598 and get a free estimate for your next fencing project!