Beyond good looks is added value and style. This one element will take your home from ‘oh’ to ‘wow’! Shutters are one of the easiest ways to dress up the exterior of a home. But they are a bit expensive! That is unless you buy it from the right home remodeling contractor.

Once upon a time, shutters used to be an actual functioning feature of a house. In recent days, they’ve mainly been relegated to being a decorative feature. But no more! If you want to have operable decorative shutters that also add old-world functionality and energy efficiency to your home, here is a buying guide broken down into the essentials you need to know when it comes to purchasing shutters.

Picking a Shutter Style

Pick a shutter silhouette according to your home’s architectural style and location. Take a good look around your neighborhood to check out the type of shutters displayed on homes analogous to yours.

Raised- or Flat-Panel

Raised- or flat-panel shutters are an ideal enhancement to European, Colonial, and Federal exteriors. If pillars are a dominant feature in your house, raised panel shutters are likely to add a significant amount of flare.


The first style of shutter invented, board-and-batten provides cabins, farmhouses, Tudors, cottages, and Mission-style homes a warm and rustic look as well as add to their character.

Bermuda and Bahamas

Originally found on British colonial-era architecture, Bermuda and Bahamas shutters bring a taste of coastal areas to towns. This style of shutters looks excellent on Cape Cod or Ranch style homes. They protect windows from storms, work great for shading rooms, and create privacy.

Louver and Combination

One of the most popular shutter styles for most homes, louver and combination shutters offer an inviting look to any house. These shutters are constructed with overlying uniform slats of wood, placed into a frame.

Choosing a Shutter Color

We’ve now reached the most exciting segment of selecting a shutter! There are multiple colors to choose from! Make sure you pick a color that will look attractive as well as keep you happy for many years. It’s always smart to decide on a color and shade based on the brick or stone foundation your house is made of.

Here are some popular color choices for your shutter style:

Brick Houses

If you own a beautiful brick house, consider dressing up your shutters in dark colors or earth tones, complementing the natural tones in the brick. You may also go for lighter colors or pastels if you have a lighter brick.

White Houses

Dark shades or simply a black can make the shutters stand out. You can also create a brighter look if you choose a lovely shade of green or blue for your shutters. A classic look can also be achieved using a lighter shade.

Beige Houses

White or black shutters can work exceptionally well with a beige home. If white shutters are matched to the window trim, it makes a smaller house appear more substantial.

Tan Houses

Shutters with darker earth-tone colors, such as greens or browns, work quite well on tan homes. You can even add a seamless touch of simplicity to your house with white shutters.

Colorful Houses

Lastly, if you have a house that’s on a brighter side, there are many shutter colors you can choose from. Of course, white is always a fantastic option, particularly for lighter-colored homes.

Take a look at the variety of shutter styles and colors offered by Ken Shadle Aluminium Products Inc. Add personality to your house with shutters, because without them, your home would look incomplete.