Glass Check: Check the condition of your glass panes. If required, replace broken or cracked windowpanes and relax, for they will now do a great job all year long.

Use Insulation: Add spray foam or batt insulation to prevent air from sneaking in. This is a simple and inexpensive project that will reap enormous benefits for your comfort level.

Add Weather Stripping: For extra protection from drafts and chilly weather, you can consider weatherstripping your windows. There are many kinds of weatherstripping available, from felt, open-cell foam to different types of metal and vinyl, so choose the right material for your needs.

Caulk Windows: The right window installation demands caulking windows around exterior trim as well as behind window fins to lessen air leakage through the rough openings. This is an economical option to keep your home warm in winter. You can even improve the look of your home by using the right caulk.

Here’s how you can get your home ready for harsh winter winds and blowing snow with these solutions designed just for winter-proofing windows –

Install Storm Windows: If your windows didn’t come with storm windows, you can buy storm windows and install them at any time to tackle stubborn drafts.

Choose The Right Window Treatment: You can choose heavy, thermally-lined drapes to block breezes effectively and reuse them year after year. Or, if you like the idea of window treatment to keep your home insulated, you can try cellular shades for a more versatile look.

Cover Basement Window Wells: Cap basement window wells with covers to trap in heat, prevent drafts, and boost energy efficiency in your home. This will also help in blocking moisture from seeping in and raising other issues.

Buy New Windows: If air leaks have been troubling you for a long time, you can consider buying new windows with extra thick weatherstripping. It’s also a good idea to look for windows with energy-efficient ratings.

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Be protected and warm this winter! Happy hibernating!