They say the first impression is the last impression. The phrase certainly holds true when it comes to welcoming guests in a home. It is quite common for homeowners to invest a significant amount of money in improving their home’s interior and making it look more appealing. However, they often forget an important aspect of it all – the curb appeal.

Your home’s exterior is just as important as your home’s interior, and hence it is your responsibility to keep it looking excellent and well-maintained across all seasons. Here are a few tips that you can follow to keep your home’s exterior clean and shining!

1) Washing Off The Dirt And Debris
Pressure wash all the dust and debris that has covered the exterior of your home. Clean all the windows and doors. Gently scrub the walls surrounding the porch. You can use a long-handled duster to remove any cobwebs gathered in the corners of the walls. Some pressure washers come with color-coded spray options, which can be adjusted to clean different areas.

2) Cleaning The Gutters
The next step is to clean the gutters. Gutters should ideally be cleaned twice a year. If not maintained properly, they start collecting leaves and litter, which becomes hard to remove later on. Use a scoop or old chisel to scrape off all the grease stuck on a gutter’s surface. Finally, make sure to check downspouts for leakages and clogs by running water through them.

3) Servicing The Deck
Make sure to have your deck rinsed before you start with an inspection. You need to be extra careful during pressure washing, as forceful cleaning may damage the wood. Once done, inspect the deck thoroughly to see if any places need repairs. The best idea is to hire a professional to perform a complete servicing on your deck.

4) Cleaning The Driveway
Your driveway needs maintenance too. Start by removing any grass or weeds that are growing on the driveway or pavement. Next, check the surface for any cracks or potholes. Patch up the cracks and holes and apply a coat of waterproof asphalt sealer to make the pathway look as good as new.

5) Servicing Roof And Sidings
The tried and tested method to clean vinyl sidings, and roof shingles include gentle rinsing of the surfaces with a hose. After that, use a long-handled brush and soapy water to clean off any remaining stains or dirt. Rise again and rinse thoroughly. To remove algae, fill a manual garden sprayer with the mixture of oxygen bleach and warm water, and apply it on the respective areas.

6) Pruning The Plants And Trees
It is a good idea to prune your plants and trees after a regular interval come spring. Take a walk around your property, and along the way, gather fallen branches and plants that have faded. If you have herbs in your garden, trim them properly to stop them from becoming leggy. At last, add a fresh layer of mulch to give your garden a refreshing feel.

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