What makes a home appear more welcoming and warm? The answer lies in your entryway! After all, it is what your guests see first when they enter your home. You can even think of your entrance as your three-dimensional welcome mat (but much more classy, of course) that offers your guests a glance into your lifestyle. No wonder it is essential to create an entryway that can both reflect your style and impress your visitors at the same time!

Now the question is, how do you do it? Here are a few tips that will help you make the entrance of your home more enjoyable for you and your guests.

1) Lighten Up A Little
You would be surprised to see how changing light fixtures can dramatically enhance the look of your foyer. It is a fashionable quick fix, especially for small spaces. Opt for an LED or pendant light to make a style statement. Ensure that the lights are beautiful and properly illuminate the entryway.

2) Play With Colors
One of the most affordable ways to quickly transform your entrance is by adding colors to it. Use beautiful wallpapers on the sides, or paint the area in lovely multi-colored hues. You can also decorate the wall with bright accents to give the place a unique look.

3) Add Depth To Space
Furniture or accessories with texture have a distinct charm. They lend a visual appeal to any place, making it more hospitable and attractive. Consider using wooden furniture or lamps to your foyer. A large piece of artwork or unique sculpture is also a great idea to add personality to your home.

4) Tip The Scale
How about going for peculiar artwork while playing with scale? Believe it or not, you can create a significant impact on your guests with oversized paintings and wall decorations. Although, make sure not to overdo it. Just investing in one perfect statement piece is enough to give your entryway a dramatic touch.

5) Fashionably Functional
Invite your guests in through an entrance that speaks of both luxury and creativity! Look for exciting decor ideas while being open to innovative design elements. One great example of this is picking dual-purpose furniture that can be both a bench and a storage area and save space.

6) Seasonal Blooms
Big or small, flowers can freshen up the look of your hallway with little effort. Keep a houseplant on a console table or buy a larger plant to place beside the door. Depending on the time of the year, you can change plants to bring the seasonal bloom inside your home.

7) Mirrors Do Lie
Have a small foyer or porch? Decorate it with mirrors to make your entryway look spacious! Mirrors attract natural light and can open up even dark spaces. Since they are available in varied sizes, you can choose a frame that fits your hallway perfectly. Go for round shapes, as they are psychologically more relaxing and comforting.

8) Have A Seat
Make your guests feel at home by placing furniture in your entryway. Benches or chairs, both provide a practical opportunity to sit down and relax as you take off your shoes. Accentuate the look by incorporating pillows and accessories to this design.

9) Your Quirky Corner
Showcase your style sensibilities by experimenting with the look of your entrance! Decorate it with your favorite collection of model planes or put on an unexpected art piece to make the place look more personable. Play with colors and textures to make your foyer stand out!

10) Simple Is Stylish
Ever heard the phrase ‘Less is more’? This certainly stands true when it comes to decorating a small space. If your hallway lacks a closet for umbrellas, choose a free-standing storage bench to make some floor space. Adorn the wall with stylish hooks for hanging scarves and bags.

Feeling inspired? Come up with your own unique hallway decoration ideas and leave a lasting impression on your guests!