It is quite common for homeowners to delay repairing their windows until it becomes absolutely necessary. This, however, results in hefty repair costs as the windows get damaged beyond repair and could only be replaced. If your windows have become foggy, leaky, and are doing a terrible job at retaining the warmth inside,  it is time to change them.
Here are a few signs for you to identify when your windows need to be replaced. Read on to know!

Cracked Frame

It is important to replace a broken window frame as soon as possible. This is both for your safety and for the visual appearance of your home. A cracked frame easily compromises the efficiency of the insulation and siding, resulting in uneven heating and increased utility bills.

Water Leakage

When you witness water infiltration from the window, know that it is time to shop for new ones. The water usually enters from the crevices around the frame. This happens due to water from poorly placed drain pipes that window seals fail to stop.

Fogged Glass

If you own double-pane or triple-pane windows, the problem can occur easily. This happens due to the condensed water that gets trapped between the window panes. If your paned windows also have gas, the fog-like appearance indicates that there is a leakage. In such a case, you should consider having it replaced quickly.

Stuck Sashes

Stuck sashes are a common problem with old sash windows. This happens because of the multiple layers of paint between the sash and the frame that are holding them together. When you find it hard to lift a sash, the reason might be a broken cord. Depending on the damage, you can repair or replace the window.

Softened Frames

Wooden windows tend to absorb the moisture from the atmosphere. This causes the windowsill to soften and rot slowly. If your window wood has started to soften, you should consider replacing the entire window and frame on the outside. 

Inoperable Windows

When you open and close a window continuously, it creates tiny grooves in the frame. With time, the grooves start to widen, causing serious damage to the structure. Windows that were not installed correctly also develop issues, as it becomes challenging to open and close them. When you see that your windows are aging, deem it the perfect time to replace them!

Drafty Windows

Recognizing the signs of drafts in your windows is easy. Do you feel a breeze coming in when you close your windows? There could be a number of reasons for it, including poor installation and faulty seal. Try caulking and weatherstripping your windows. If that doesn’t work, consider replacing them. 

High Utility Bills

It is not always the faulty HVAC system that causes your utility bills to rise. It can be your windows too! When you start seeing increased utility bills, you should have all the doors and windows of your home checked thoroughly. Repair any drafts that they might have. If you find them beyond repair, replace them immediately. 
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