If you’re considering whether or not your windows need to be replaced, it’s important to look through these signs. If any of these sounds familiar, make sure to give us a call to repair or replace those windows.

Single pane

Older windows tend to be single pane, which is often drafty and sub-par. If your windows were built before 1970, it’s time to replace them and get new double or tripled paned windows.


If you can feel air coming out in or around your window, your windows need to be replaced or repaired. Having windows with drafts can cause your energy bill to be higher as your HVAC unit tries to keep your home cool.

Look bad

There could be very little wrong with your windows, but if they look bad, that’s hurting your curb appeal. If they’re rotting, that looks bad and can be what’s keeping them from opening and closing correctly. Curb appeal is everything, especially when trying to sell your home so consider getting them replaced ASAP.

Outside noise

You shouldn’t be able to hear noises coming from outside through your windows. Sounds could be a result of only having single pane window, or they aren’t providing enough acoustic insulation.

You can’t open them

If you can’t open or close them, well that’s a problem in itself. But, if you can’t open them to enjoy the gentle breeze, or close them enough to keep your family safe, something needs to be fixed.

Give us a call

If you have decided that your home’s windows need to be replaced, give us a call. We offer a variety of replacement window to meet your needs!