Is there one blank wall in your home that you can’t decide what to do with? We all have one that continues to stump us. If you’re in need of some inspiration, here are a few different ideas to spark your creativity and get you started on your next project!


Whether you want one, large mirror to fill up the wall or a series of small, unique mirrors, they offer a light feel to the room. Use different shapes and frames, (or no frames), to make the wall stand out more.


There’s nothing cuter than your little ones’ artwork. Another good thing is, you can switch them out for new ones as you please. Buy magnetic paint and paint it on a section of your wall, whether it’s in the living room, playroom, etc. Then add a coat of paint the same color of your wall, if not slightly darker to be able to tell the difference. Now your kids hang their creations on the wall without damaging the paint!

If you’d like a more refined look, find professional pieces of art and to the same thing. Use frames for a more put together look, or go frameless to fit more on the space and fit a unique feel.


Floating shelves are perfect for displaying your personality, filling that wall and adding additional storage space. For a more organized look, put three or more on top of or beside each other. The uniformity will give off a cleaner vibe. If you want something to match your quirky personality, offset the shelves and create your own work of art.


Letters can be a fun way to fill a blank wall. Whether you do the first letter of your last name, the letters of all of your children, or spell out something on the wall; it a different approach to decorating.


Think outside the box. How can you create a piece or pieces of art on your own? Think of something crafty and fun that will be a good attention grabber in the space.

Get creative

Decorating a home can be a fun experience if you decide to get creative and make each room your own! After you’ve completed your renovations and decorations inside your house, make sure to come to us for your outdoor improvement supplies.