This warm weather makes you want to spend as much time outside as possible, right? There is nothing better than watching your kids play while you spend time with family and friends. But, to enjoy this weather with the family or a good book, you need some excellent outdoor seating. If you want something out of the box, here are a few ideas!


There are many different kinds of hammocks! You could get more functional, sturdy one that you can take multiple places, or you could get a cute, decorative one that will still hold you up. Now you have a comfy, relaxing place to read a book or take a nap.

Storage seating

Does your outdoor space lack storage? Try building a cute bench with storage space formed into the seat! Not only is it functional, but also all your friends will be impressed when they find out you made it yourself! You can learn how to build one here.

Sofa and table

You can bring the inside out with a contemporary sofa and coffee table and make it feel like an extra living room! Many different outdoor couches will work perfectly with your backyard.

Retaining wall

Are you considering adding a retaining wall in your yard? Before you start building, consider integrating a bench into the wall to maximize your entertaining space.

Wood pallet

Have you heard of wood pallet furniture? It’s perfect for a more rustic looking backyard. Use a pallet and some comfortable cushions and pillows for the perfect bench or chair.

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Summer is still in full swing, so you have plenty of time to create the perfect outdoor seating for everyone! If you are working on other home improvement projects, don’t forget to come to see us for your materials!