Choosing the right color scheme for the exterior of your home can be a difficult choice. The primary base color has to be perfect because that is the hardest to change. Luckily, shutters and other accents are a tad more flexible and can even show your personality with fun colors.

If you’re trying to decide on what colors would look perfect on your home, try considering a few of these ideas.

Tour the neighborhood

What are your neighbors doing? Do they have more neutral color schemes or do they incorporate a pop of color? Unless you’re planning to stay in your house forever, a bright color scheme will probably have to be corrected before you can sell. If everyone has a white home and you want something darker, try something in between instead of that super dark color. You don’t want your home to stick out from your neighbors, mainly if the houses were built closer together.

Choose the base color

First things first, you need a base color for the majority of your house. A more neutral color is the best choice because you can always add in different colors with the trim and shutters. Anything in the brown, grey or white color families are usually a good choice.

Find three colors

If your house has siding, you’ll need a color for it and then a complementary color for the trim and siding. The doors, shutter, and decorative trim should accent the primary colors. If your home is brick or stone, you will only need two colors. Whatever you choose make sure they go well together and compliment each other.

Consider the size of your house

Does your home have particular features you’d rather not accent? Take that into consideration when choosing your colors. You might want to select a color that will tone down certain spots or call attention to others.

Test different lighting

After you have chosen your colors, take the samples out in sunny, rainy, snowy weather to see how they will look in the different lighting. Remember, the color you pick will look different during each season as well.

When you’re done…

After all the trial and error of deciding on a color scheme, don’t forget that we have quality shutters and sidings in different colors that you can choose from! We want your home to be perfect, and that’s why we’re here to help!