Summer is the perfect time to get away for anywhere from a few days to a few weeks! The kids are out of school and hopefully you have some vacation days saved up! If not, it is always nice to take a road trip on a holiday weekend because you get an extra day.

If you aren’t sure how to go about planning the perfect summer road trip, these tips are here to help! What tips do you swear by that make the planning process easier?

Coordinate schedules

This will probably be the trickiest step of them all. Aligning schedules can be difficult especially if you have a larger family or older children. Aim for a holiday weekend so you can go on longer trips with the family!

Calculate your expenses

You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg just for a short road trip. If you have a budget, it doesn’t have to be difficult to stick to it. If you want to save money, try bringing food and camping so that you don’t have to eat out a lot or pay for pricey hotels.

Decide on a destination

You usually don’t have to drive very far to find an adventure waiting. Search your state’s tourism website to find some ideas for fun, family-friendly places to go! Whether you love to drive and want to go somewhere further away or want to stay closer to home, there is usually something for everybody.

Reserve lodging accommodations

Speaking of places to stay, make sure you have that figured out before you leave. Some campsites require reservations as well as hotels or Airbnb places. Clearly where you stay is up to your budget and your family, but whatever your budget is, you can make it work!

Put together a schedule

Whether this is a schedule that you will strictly live by during your vacation or just an outline of some of the highlights; it is nice to have some plan. Even if you decide to switch things up during the day, it is better than wasting time asking, “Well what do you want to do now?”

Find a way to entertain the kids

If your road trip is going to be a longer one, movie and electronics probably won’t keep your children occupied the whole time. Try coming up with some fun, simple game that will hold their attention for an extended amount of time.

Have fun

Vacations with your children are memories that they will hold on for the rest of their lives if they are old enough. Enjoy the time together and remember to let loose and just let things happen. If your strict schedule goes awry, bask in the spontaneity of the whole thing. Most importantly, be safe!